Fluyo Sneak Previews!

Fluyo is a language learning app like no other. Our mission is to make language learning as fun and effective as possible. To do that, we've created a world for you to explore, learn new words, grammar, battle creatures that quiz you on your knowledge and so much more. Our world will help you learn the language you've always wanted to. We hope you enjoy these sneak previews into our world. There's so much more stuff to reveal!


 Preview 1

Introducing our wonderous sea urchin (Uni) creature.

 It is one of the many creatures you’ll face along your journey to becoming fluent.

Here you see the environment it can be found in, as well as the process of turning it from concept art into something alive!

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Psst! Below is some music from the official in-game Fluyo soundtrack to listen to while browsing the previews!

Preview 2

Here a Kooda seahorse stands in your way and quizzes you on your grammar knowledge! 

Mini quiz battles can be on a number of subjects from grammar, to vocab, to speaking!


Preview 3

The process of turning our special dolphin avatar from a sketch to a living being!

Here also you can see some never before seen items, as well as brand new skin (black & white)

Your dolphin will be the avatar that represents you and your knowledge of a language on our app!

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Preview 4

No background animations here and the lighting is rough, however here is a full animation sequence!

This creature is called the Jelly Mum and you can see how she’ll attack your dolphin if you get words / grammar wrong!

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Questions about Fluyo?

We recently did a livestream Q&A answering all things Fluyo.
Check it out below!